GRE Word List


terrorize; intimidate

The meaning of the word cow is terrorize; intimidate.

Random words

prolificproducing offspring or fruit in abundance; fertile; fecund; abundantly fruitful; producing abundant works; Ex. prolific writer
palimpsestparchment or piece of writing material used for second time after original writing has been erased
consanguinitykinship; relationship by birth
prevaricatelie; hide the truth (by equivocating)
germanepertinent; bearing upon(having connection with) the case at hand; appropriate
masqueradewear a mask or disguise; pretend; N: costume party or ball at which masks are worn; pretense; disguise
adjurationsolemn urging; V. adjure: entreat earnestly; enjoin solemnly
gentlekindly; soft; mild; of good family
pasticheimitation of another's style in musical composition or in writing; work of art openly imitating the works of other artists
atavismresemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; reversion to an earlier type; throwback; ADJ. atavistic