GRE Word List


constituting a separate entity : individually distinct

The meaning of the word discrete is constituting a separate entity : individually distinct.

Random words

rudimentaryconsisting in first principles : fundamental
venoma toxic substance produced by some animals (such as snakes, scorpions, or bees) that is injected into prey or an enemy chiefly by biting or stinging and has an injurious or lethal effect
catastrophea momentous tragic event ranging from extreme misfortune to utter overthrow or ruin
liabilitythe quality or state of being liable
emetican agent that induces vomiting
haranguea speech addressed to a public assembly
arteryany of the tubular branching muscular- and elastic-walled vessels that carry blood from the heart through the body
conveyancethe action of conveying
jeopardizeto expose to danger or risk : imperil
diligencesteady, earnest, and energetic effort : devoted and painstaking work and application to accomplish an undertaking : assiduity