GRE Word List


enormous; marvelous; extraordinary; Ex. prodigious amount/memory

The meaning of the word prodigious is enormous; marvelous; extraordinary; Ex. prodigious amount/memory.

Random words

beatitudeblessedness; state of great happiness
mollycoddlepamper; coddle; baby; indulge excessively
ebullientshowing excitement; overflowing with enthusiasm; boiling; N. ebullience; N. ebullition: state of boiling
benefactorgift giver; patron; person who does good or who gives money for a good purpose
blurtutter impulsively from nervousness or excitement
vigilanteone who without authority assumes law enforcement powers
parasiteanimal or plant living on another; toady; sycophant; CF. para-: beside
effectuateeffect; produce; achieve; Ex. effectuate a reconciliation
retainkeep; maintain possession of; employ (esp. a lawyer or advisor); N. retainer: servant; fee paid to retain an advisor
forsakedesert; abandon; renounce