GRE Word List


the flesh of a boar

The meaning of the word brawn is the flesh of a boar.

Random words

accessoryan object or device that is not essential in itself but adds to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else
anchora device usually of metal attached to a ship or boat by a cable and cast overboard to hold it in a particular place by means of a fluke that digs into the bottom
vernacularusing a language or dialect native to a region or country rather than a literary, cultured, or foreign language
paradoxone (such as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases
synchronoushappening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time
cajoleto persuade with flattery or gentle urging especially in the face of reluctance : coax
quarantinea period of 40 days
tractablecapable of being easily led, taught, or controlled : docile
jaundicedaffected with or as if with jaundice
waneto decrease in size, extent, or degree : dwindle