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GRE Word List


flood; overflow; submerge; cover completely; Ex. inundated with work

The meaning of the word inundate is flood; overflow; submerge; cover completely; Ex. inundated with work.

Random words

sagaScandinavian myth; any legend; long heroic narrative
figurewritten symbols; number; amount represented in numbers; outline or silhouette of a thing or human body; person (well-known); impression; diagram; pattern; group in a dance; Ex. figure of speech; V. calculate with numbers; adorn with figures; appear; consider; Ex. My name did not figure in the list.
reparationcompensation (for loss or wrong); amends; Ex. make reparation for the damage; CF. repair
clangorloud resounding noise; sound of repeated clanging
suspensestate of being undecided; anxiety or apprehension resulting from uncertainty
engrossoccupy fully; absorb
nebulousvague; hazy; cloudy; of a nebula; Ex. nebulous proposal
timorousfearful; timid; demonstrating fear
exertioneffort; expenditure of much physical work; V. exert oneself: make a great effort
meagerscanty; inadequate

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