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GRE Word List


picture made of small colorful inlaid tiles; ADJ.

The meaning of the word mosaic is picture made of small colorful inlaid tiles; ADJ..

Random words

shearremove (fleece or hair) by cutting; remove the hair or fleece from; cut with or as if with shears; N: shears; pair of scissors
nooseloop formed in a rope
mergercombination (of two business corporations); act of merging
irascibleirritable; easily angered
nonsensespeech or writing with no meaning; foolish behavior or language; Ex. make (a) nonsense of: spoil; cause to fail
omnivorouseating both plant and animal food; devouring everything
addlemake or become confused; muddle; drive crazy; become rotten (egg)
forsakedesert; abandon; renounce
hazardventure; put in danger; risk; Ex. hazard a guess; N: possible source of danger
perorationconclusion of an oration; perorating; V. perorate: conclude a speech; speak at great length