GRE Word List


brief and compact

The meaning of the word concise is brief and compact.

Random words

environenclose; surround; N. environs: surrounding area (as of a city)
barterertrader; V. barter: trade; exchange good for other goods rather than money
arteryblood-vessel; CF. vein
incorporealwithout a material body; insubstantial
vitiatespoil the effect of; make inoperative; corrupt morally
rococoornate; highly decorated; N. CF. 18th century
fertileproducing many young, fruits, or seeds; (of land) producing good crops; V. fertilize
forthcominghappening in the near future; ready; willing to help; Ex. No answer was forthcoming.
dubiousquestionable; (of something) causing doubt; (of someone) filled with doubt; N. dubiety