GRE Word List


very generous in giving; Ex. munificent benefactor; N. munificience

The meaning of the word munificent is very generous in giving; Ex. munificent benefactor; N. munificience.

Random words

entouragegroup of attendants; retinue; CF. surround
metaphorimplied comparison; CF. simile
miscreantwretch; wrongdoer; villain; Ex. kindness to the miscreant; CF. believe
disseminatedistribute; spread; scatter (like seeds)
winnowsift; separate the chaff from grain by blowing; separate good parts from bad; CF. wind
garrulousloquacious; wordy; talkative; N. garrulity
adjournsuspend until a later time; move from one place to another
acrimoniousstinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior
scenarioplot outline; screenplay(script for a movie); opera libretto; outline of possible future events
felicityhappiness; appropriateness (of a remark, choice, etc.); quality of being felicitous