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GRE Word List


fragments (esp. from a destroyed building)

The meaning of the word rubble is fragments (esp. from a destroyed building).

Random words

gesticulationmotion; gesture; V. gesticulate: make gestures (while speaking)
consonanceharmony; agreement
pilfersteal things of small value; filch; snitch
fanciedimagined; unreal
enlist(cause to) join the armed forces; obtain (help, sympathy, or support)
brazeninsolent; without shame; bold; Ex. brazen lie; V: face with bold self-assurance or with unshamed confidence
complianceconformity in fulfilling requirements; readiness to yield; disposition to yield to others; V. comply
aphorismpithy maxim or saying; ADJ. aphoristic
validatemake valid; confirm; ratify
bromideplatitude; chemical compound used to calm excitement

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