GRE Word List


long established as a disease

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The meaning of the word chronic is long established as a disease.

Random words

anviliron block used in hammering out metals
lustershine; gloss (of a polished surface)
turpitudedepravity; baseness; Ex. moral turpitude
gruesomegrisly; horrible
frolicsomeprankish; gay; playful; merry; frisky
deftneat; skillful
wafflespeak equivocally about an issue; N.
calloushardened; unfeeling; without sympathy for the sufferings of others; unkind
attritionrubbing away by friction; gradual decrease in numbers or strength; reduction in the work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment; Ex. a war of attrition
windfallfallen fruit; unexpected lucky event