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GRE Word List


goblet; consecrated cup

The meaning of the word chalice is goblet; consecrated cup.

Random words

ferventardent; zealous; hot
opticianmaker and seller of eyeglasses
munificentvery generous in giving; Ex. munificent benefactor; N. munificience
gangrenedecay of body tissue caused by insufficient blood supply (usually following injury); ADJ. gangrenous
harborgive protection (by giving food and shelter); provide a refuge for; hide; keep in mind (thoughts or feelings); Ex. harbor a grudge/criminal; N: place of shelter; refuge
catharticpurgative; medicine that causes the bowels to empty; ADJ.
blusterblow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully; speak in a noisy or bullying manner; CF. breeze, gust, gale
casteone of the hereditary classes in Hindu society; social stratification; prestige