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GRE Word List


tendency to keep together

The meaning of the word cohesion is tendency to keep together.

Random words

deviateturn away from (a principle, norm); move away from an accepted standard; swerve; depart; diverge; N. deviation; Ex. deviation of the path of light by a prism
taintcontaminate; cause to lose purity; modify with a trace of something bad; Ex. tainted reputation; N: stain; touch of decay or bad influence; CF. touch
seditionconduct or language inciting rebellion; rebellion; resistance to authority; insubordination; ADJ. seditious
affectedartificial; pretended
defrayprovide for the payment of; undertake the payment of; pay
enactmake (a bill) into law
preludeintroduction; introductory performance or event; forerunner
pharisaicalpertaining to the Pharisees, who paid scrupulous attention to tradition; self-righteous; hypocritical
outlandishbizzare; peculiar; unconventional