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GRE Word List


neglect of duty; abandonment

The meaning of the word dereliction is neglect of duty; abandonment.

Random words

hallucinationdelusion; false idea; false perception of objects with a compelling sense of their reality; objects so perceived; V. hallucinate; ADJ. hallucinatory
matrimonystate of being married
adulationflattery; admiration that is more than is necessary or deserved
delusivedeceptive; likely to delude; misleading; raising vain hopes; Ex. delusive promises
trepidationfear; nervous apprehension
inexorablerelentless; unyielding; implacable; not capable of being changed by entreaty or efforts; Ex. inexorable price rises
botchmismanage; blow
gratifyplease; satisfy; Ex. gratify a desire
flagrantconspicuously wicked, bad, or offensive; blatant; outrageous
fortitudebravery; courage; strength of mind