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GRE Word List


neglect of duty; abandonment

The meaning of the word dereliction is neglect of duty; abandonment.

Random words

deferencecourteous regard for another's wish; courteous yielding to another's wish or opinion (showing respect); ADJ. deferential; OP. effrontery
gibemock; make jeering remarks; N: jeering remarks
hiatusgap; pause; gap or interruption in space or time; break
cloutgreat influence (especially political or social); hard blow with fist
pertinaciousholding tenaciously to an action; stubborn; persistent
fancyimagination (of a whimsical or fantastic nature); capricious liking; V: imagine; be fond of; ADJ. decorative; elaborate
lugubriousmournful; sorrowful
pratetalk idly; speak foolishly; boast idly
provisionact of providing; something provided; preparatory measure; provisions: necessary supplies (esp. food); stipulation; condition in an agreement; Ex. According to the provisions of the agreement
queryinquiry; question; V.