GRE Word List


faultfinding; too critical

The meaning of the word captious is faultfinding; too critical.

Random words

earthlyof this earth; terrestrial; worldly; not divine; possible; Ex. no earthly reason
exegesisexplanation, especially of biblical(of the bible) passages
lustrousshining; brilliant; Ex. lustrous hair
mogulpowerful person; Ex. oil moguls; CF. Mogol, Moghul; CF. Mongolian
concavehollow; curved inwards; OP. convex
voraciousravenous; eating large quantities of food; exceedingly eager; insatiable; Ex. voracious animal/reader
virulent(of a disease or poison) extremely harmful or poisonous; (of a feeling) hostile; bitter; N. virulence; CF. virus; CF. venom
laitylaypersons; laymen; persons not connected with the clergy
monochromepainting in only one color; ADJ.
determinatehaving a fixed order of procedure; precisely defined; invariable; fixed; conclusive; final