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GRE Word List


bundle of stalks of grain; any bundle of things tied together

The meaning of the word sheaf is bundle of stalks of grain; any bundle of things tied together.

Random words

expedientsuitable (for a particular purpose although not necessarily morally correct); practical; politic(prudent); N: something expedient
entouragegroup of attendants; retinue; CF. surround
solicitousanxious; worried; concerned; eager; Ex. solicitous to do something; N. solicitude
hecklerperson who verbally harasses others; V. heckle: verbally harass as with gibes (by interrupting a speaker or speech)
explicittotally clear; definite; outspoken
bullyone who is habitually cruel to weaker people; V.
weanaccustom a baby not to nurse; accustom (the young of a mammal) to take nourishment other than by suckling; give up a cherished activity; cause to gradually leave (an interest or habit); Ex. wean oneself from cigarettes
huecolor; aspect; Ex. opinions of every hue
gustoeager enjoyment; zest; enthusiasm
wrathanger; fury

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