GRE Word List


stupid person; clown

The meaning of the word buffoon is stupid person; clown.

Random words

proponentsupporter; backer; opposite of opponent
incisive(appreciatively) cutting; sharp; Ex. incisive remarks; V. incise: make a cut into
navigable(of a body of water) wide and deep enough to allow ships to pass through; (of a ship or aircraft) able to be steered
sanctionapprove; ratify; N: permission; penalty intended to enforce compliance
pass_offpresent falsely; represent falsely to be
ineptunsuited; inappropriate; lacking skill; incompetent; CF. inapt: (of statements or ideas) inappropriate
piebaldof different colors; mottled; spotted in different colors (esp. in black and white); Ex. piebald horse; CF. pie+bald
festivejoyous; celebratory; relating to a feast or festival
snufflesniffle; sniff repeatedly (in order to keep liquid from running out of the nose)