GRE Word List


a specialist in pediatrics

The meaning of the word pediatrician is a specialist in pediatrics.

Random words

paraphernaliathe separate real or personal property of a married woman that she can dispose of by will and sometimes according to common law during her life
pusillanimouslacking courage and resolution : marked by contemptible timidity
dissembleto hide under a false appearance
stipulateto make an agreement or covenant to do or forbear something : contract
turncoatone who switches to an opposing side or party
coquettea woman who endeavors without sincere affection to gain the attention and admiration of men
equivocateto use equivocal language especially with intent to deceive
optimista person who is inclined to be hopeful and to expect good outcomes : someone who is given to optimism
treatisea systematic exposition or argument in writing including a methodical discussion of the facts and principles involved and conclusions reached
primto give a prim or demure expression to