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GRE Word List


give a bodily form to; incorporate; include

The meaning of the word embody is give a bodily form to; incorporate; include.

Random words

contumaciousstubborn and disobedient; resisting authority (esp. disobedient to an order made by a court)
adversegoing against; opposing; unfavorable; hostile
mauvepale purple
biennialevery two years
slavishof or like a slave; servile; showing no originality; copied very closely; Ex. slavish devotion/copy of the original
inductivepertaining to induction or proceeding from the specific to the general
rancorlong-lasting hatred; bitterness; Ex. negotiation without rancor; ADJ. rancorous
meticulousexcessively careful (with great attention to detail); painstaking; scrupulous
filchsteal (things of small value)
clamberclimb by crawling with difficulties; scramble