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GRE Word List


deprived of (someone beloved through death)

The meaning of the word bereaved is deprived of (someone beloved through death).

Random words

rakishjaunty; stylish; sporty; morally corrupt; dissolute; Ex. He wore his hat at a rakish and jaunty angle.
baneposion; cause of ruin; ADJ. baneful: harmful; poisonous
endueprovide with some quality; endow
sparegive; use; refrain from harming; save from experiencing; exempt; Ex. spare me 5 minutes; Ex. Take this money and spare my life; Ex. The emperor was spared the onus; ADJ: kept in reserve; free for other use; unoccupied; Ex. spare time
bookishfond of books and reading
palletsmall poor bed; Ex. straw pallet
scruplehesitate for ethical reasons; fret about; Ex. She did not scruple to read his diary; N: uneasy feeling arising from conscience; conscience
morticianundertaker; CF. death
opportunetimely; well-chosen
viscous(of a liquid) thick and sticky; gluey; viscid; CF. consistency