GRE Word List


lament; moan for; express sorrow or disapproval of

The meaning of the word bemoan is lament; moan for; express sorrow or disapproval of.

Random words

arablefit for growing crops; Ex. arable land
daintydelicate; delicately beautiful; fastidious; not easy to please; Ex. dainty movement/dress
novastar that suddenly becomes much brighter and then returns to its original brightness
chaffworthless products of an endeavor; husk(outer seed cover) separated from grain; Ex. separate the wheat from the chaff
forerunnerpredecessor; one that comes before and indicates the approach of another
freebooterpirate or plunderer who makes war in order to grow rich
championsupport militantly; fight for; N: person who fights for or supports strongly (a principle, movement, person, etc.)
lustintense sexual desire; intense eagerness; V.
prepossessingattractive; CF. preoccupying ?