GRE Word List


prototype; primitive pattern

The meaning of the word archetype is prototype; primitive pattern.

Random words

foddercoarse food for cattle, horses, etc.; feed for livestock; CF. food
concomitantthat which accompanies; Ex. Deafnes is a frequent concommitant of old age; ADJ: existing or happening together with something else
ornithologistscientific student of birds; N. ornithology: scientific study of birds
roterepetition; memorization through repetition without understanding; Ex. learn poetry by rote
acneskin disease (on the face)
parchmentwriting material made from the skin of a sheep or goat
hallowedblessed; consecrated; Ex. hallowed ground; V. hallow: set apart as holy
rusetrick to deceive; stratagem
arsenalstorage place for military equipment
evocativetending to call up (emotions, memories)