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GRE Word List


work out carefully; add more detail or information; ADJ.

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word elaborate is work out carefully; add more detail or information; ADJ..

Random words

hinterlandsback country; inner part of a country; OP. foreland
blunthaving a dull edge; abrupt and frank in speech or manner; brusque; V: make or become blunt
incidentevent; event that causes a crisis
expedientsuitable (for a particular purpose although not necessarily morally correct); practical; politic(prudent); N: something expedient
disputatiousargumentative; fond of argument
tokenoutward sign; Ex. a token of our gratitude
quislingtraitor who aids invaders; CF. Vidkun Quisling
tranquillitycalmness; peace
podiatristdoctor who treats ailments of the feet; chiropodist; N. podiatrics