GRE Word List


manlike; resembling a human being; N.

The meaning of the word anthropoid is manlike; resembling a human being; N..

Random words

warrantjustification; written order that serves as authorization (esp. a judicial writ); Ex. search/death warrant; V: justify; guarantee
specksmall piece or mark; Ex. speck of dust in the eye
orgywild drunken revelry; unrestrained indulgence in an activity; Ex. orgy of shopping
entomologystudy of insects
shrewdclever; astute
antithesiscontrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
doggeddetermined; stubborn; stubbornly persevering; tenacious; Ex. Inspector Javert's dogged pursuit of Jean Valjean
listtilt (as of a ship); lean over (to one side)
underscoreunderline; emphasize
lassitudelanguor; weariness; listlessness