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GRE Word List


critical remark; V. animadvert: comment critically with disapproval

The meaning of the word animadversion is critical remark; V. animadvert: comment critically with disapproval.

Random words

elaborationaddition of details; intricacy
sneakmove, give, or take in a quiet, stealthy way; N: one who sneaks; ADJ. sneaky
distraughtupset; distracted by anxiety; very anxious and troubled almost to the point of madness; Ex. distraught with grief/worry
arboretumplace where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited
ulcersore place appearing on the skin inside or outside the body; Ex. stomach ulcer; ADJ. ulcerous; V. ulcerate
orgywild drunken revelry; unrestrained indulgence in an activity; Ex. orgy of shopping
caucusprivate meeting of a group of people in a political party to select officers or determine policy; CF. the Caucus club of Boston
kudoshonor; glory; acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement
cantodivision of a long poem
menageriecollection of wild animals on exhibition; zoo