GRE Word List


correct; change ; generally for the better

The meaning of the word amend is correct; change ; generally for the better.

Random words

frolicsomeprankish; gay; playful; merry; frisky
primaryfirst in rank or importance; principal; earliest in time; Ex. primary stages; N. CF. first
droopbend or hang downward; become weakened; Ex. His shoulders drooped with tiredness; N.
detrimentalharmful; damaging; N. detriment
suppositionassumption; hypothesis; surmise; V. suppose
depositiontestimony under oath; deposing; dethroning
irrefutableindisputable; incontrovertible; undeniable
eugenicpertaining to the improvement of race; N. eugenics: study of hereditary improvement of the human race
acknowledgerecognize; admit
rueregret; lament; mourn; Ex. He will rue the day; N. ADJ. rueful