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GRE Word List


trite remark; commonplace statement; ADJ. platitudinous

The meaning of the word platitude is trite remark; commonplace statement; ADJ. platitudinous.

Random words

askancewith a sideways or indirect look (with disapproval or distruct); Ex. look askance at
dulcetsweet sounding; pleasing to the ear; melodious
conscientiousscrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
begetfather; become the father of; produce; give rise to
founderperson who establishes (an organization or business)
concentrichaving a common center
chidescold; rebuke (someone who has done wrong)
smatteringslight knowledge; small scattered number or amount; Ex. smattering of German
exhorturge (by strong argument or advice); Ex. The general exhorted his men to fight bravely; N. exhortation
obsequyfuneral ceremony