GRE Word List


items of business at a meeting

The meaning of the word agenda is items of business at a meeting.

Random words

profounddeep; not superficial; complete; Ex. profound thinker/remark/silence/deafness; N. profundity
zephyrgentle breeze; west wind
hinterlandsback country; inner part of a country; OP. foreland
galaxylarge isolated system of stars, such as the Milky Way; collection of brilliant personalities
meddlesomeinterfering; V. meddle: interfere
intimatehint; suggest; imply; ADJ: marked by close relationship; familiar; private; personal; Ex. intimate knowledge/thoughts in the diary; N: close friend or confidant; CF. intimacy
cowterrorize; intimidate
aestheticartistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful (of a person or building); CF. aesthete; CF. aesthetics
sphinx-likeenigmatic; mysterious