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GRE Word List


items of business at a meeting

The meaning of the word agenda is items of business at a meeting.

Random words

padrechaplain (in the armed forces)
tenacityfirmness; persistence
astralrelating to the stars
homagehonor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to
idyllshort poem idealizing rural life; simple happy period of life (in the country); scene from such a time; Ex. idyll of two young lovers
lurkstealthily lie in waiting; slink; exist unperceived
reconditeabstruse; not easily understood; profound; secret
disabusecorrect a false impression; undeceive; free from a wrong belief
homespundomestic; made at home; spun or woven at home; simple and ordinary; Ex. homespun philosophy
indeterminateuncertain; not clearly fixed; indefinite