GRE Word List



The meaning of the word agape is openmouthed.

Random words

unfledgedimmature; not having the feathers necessary to fly; CF. fledgling
vigilanteone who without authority assumes law enforcement powers
battalionarmy unit made up of four or more companies
equabletranquil; of even calm temper; (of temperature) steady; uniform
thwartblock or hinder; baffle; frustrate
sectseparate religious body; faction; group of people with common beliefs within a larger group
puddinghot sweet dish
testyirritable; impatient and bad-tempered; short-tempered; N. testiness
lagmove or develop more slowly; straggle; Ex. lag behind the rest; N.
snivelcomplain or whine tearfully; run at the nose; snuffle; Ex. Don't come back sniveling to me.