GRE Word List


strange; eccentric; deviating from the normal

The meaning of the word queer is strange; eccentric; deviating from the normal.

Random words

distendexpand; swell out
elasticable to spring back into shape; quick to recover (as from disappointment); able to adapt to change; Ex. elastic plans; N: elastic material
plutocracysociety ruled by the wealthy
cleftN: split
coronerpublic official who investigates any death thought to be of other than natural causes
indicativesuggestive; implying; serving to indicate
overtopen to view; public; not secret; CF. covert
impotentweak; ineffective; lacking in physical strength or power
itineraryplan of a trip; record of a trip
inestimableimpossible to estimate; (apprec) invaluable; of immeasurable worth