GRE Word List


unwilling; reluctant; stingy(giving reluctantly)

The meaning of the word grudging is unwilling; reluctant; stingy(giving reluctantly).

Random words

motilityability to move spontaneously; ADJ. motile: moving spontaneously
interbury; N. interment
reticentinclined to silence; uncommunicative; reserved; Ex. He was reticent about the reasons; N. reticence
admonishwarn or speak to with gentle disapproval; reprove
gruelthin liquid porridge
implacableincapable of being pacified; impossible to appease; Ex. implacable enemy
antidoteremedy to counteract a poison or disease; Ex. antidote to the economic troubles
reciterepeat aloud (something learned); describe; Ex. recite his complaints; N. recitation
doursullen; gloomy; stubborn