GRE Word List


skillful (in using mind or hand)

The meaning of the word adroit is skillful (in using mind or hand).

Random words

equivocateuse equivocal language to deceive people; lie; mislead; attempt to conceal the truth; N. equivocation
dincontinued loud noise; V: make a din; instill by wearying repetition
chaffworthless products of an endeavor; husk(outer seed cover) separated from grain; Ex. separate the wheat from the chaff
hallowedblessed; consecrated; Ex. hallowed ground; V. hallow: set apart as holy
arrearsbeing in debt; money that should have been paid; work that should have been done
rectitudemoral correctness; moral uprightness; moral virtue; correctness of judgment
arteryblood-vessel; CF. vein
hovelshack; small wretched house
mealymouthedindirect in speech (when something unpleasant must be said); hypocritical; evasive
rubrictitle or heading (in red print); directions for religious ceremony; protocol