GRE Word List


coarsely insulting; physically harmful

Abuse Meaning | Abuse in a Sentence...
Abuse Meaning | Abuse in a Sentence | Most common words in English #shorts

The meaning of the word abusive is coarsely insulting; physically harmful.

Random words

ichthyologystudy of fish; CF. ichthyo-: fish
panacheflair; manner of doing things without any difficulty (causing admiration); flamboyance; bunch of feathers (on a helmet); Ex. with great panache; CF. Ʒ õ ؾ
indignitytreatment or situation that causes shame or loss of dignity, respect; offensive or insulting treatment; humiliating or degrading treatment; Ex. I suffered the indignity of having to say that in front of them.
unexceptionableentirely acceptable; not offering any basis for criticism
insatiablenot easily satisfied; unquenchable; Ex. insatiable appetite
expropriatetake possession of (often for public use and without payment)
doggerelpoor verse