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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word indolent is lazy.

Random words

reciprocalmutual; given and received in return; exchangeable; interacting; Ex. reciprocal trade agreement
creepmove with body close to the ground; move stealthily or slowly; N.
searburn the surface of; char or burn; brand; parch; cause (a plant) to wither
culpabledeserving blame; blameworthy
trilogygroup of three related works (connected by a shared subject but each complete in itself)
impeachcharge (a public official) with crime in office; raise doubts about; indict; Ex. impeach a witness's credibility
immureimprison; shut up in confinement; CF. wall
condoneoverlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse
scowlfrown angrily; N: angry frown
paupervery poor person