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GRE Word List


twist in coils; contort in pain

The meaning of the word writhe is twist in coils; contort in pain.

Random words

mulctdefraud a person of something; swindle; Ex. mulct the boy of his legacy
repletefully filled; filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied; Ex. report replete with errors
lecherygross lewdness; lustfulness; ADJ. lecherous; N. lecher: lecherous man
entouragegroup of attendants; retinue; CF. surround
clarionshrill, trumpetlike sound; kind of trumpet used in former times
interjectionexclamation; Ex. ``Ouch''
idyllshort poem idealizing rural life; simple happy period of life (in the country); scene from such a time; Ex. idyll of two young lovers
symbiosisinterdependent relationship (between groups, species) often mutually beneficial; ADJ. symbiotic; CF. together + life
ironicexpressing irony; occurring in an unexpected and contrary manner
coevalliving at the same time as; existing during the same period of time; contemporary; of the same age