GRE Word List


charming (in a childlike way); agreeable; gracious; engaging

The meaning of the word winsome is charming (in a childlike way); agreeable; gracious; engaging.

Random words

unerringlyinfallibly; ADJ. unerring: making no mistakes
verisimilitudeappearance of truth; quality of appearing to be true or real; likelihood; Ex. verisimilitude of her performance as Lady Macbeth
fluxflowing; series of changes; fluctuation; Ex. in a state of flux
agglomerationcollection; heap; V. agglomerate: gather into a rounded mass; N. aggolmeate: jumbled mass; heap
opuswork (esp. musical composition); Ex. magnum opus: masterpiece; CF. opera
archaicantiquated; no longer used; belonging to the past; N.
obloquyslander; disgrace; infamy
gallannoy; exasperate; chafe; N: skin sore caused by rubbing (as on the skin of a horse); exasperation
wizenedshriveled; withered; Ex. wizened apple/old lady