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GRE Word List


hold firmly within arms

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word clasp is hold firmly within arms.

Random words

suffusespread through or over (with a color or liquid); charge; Ex. A blush suffused her cheeks.
chaseornament a metal surface by indenting; follow rapidly to catch
veerchange in direction; swerve
remittransmit (money) in payment; free someone from a debt or punishment
spasmodicfitful; periodic; of or like a spasm; N. spasm: sudden involuntary muscular contraction; sudden burst of energy or emotion
abatesubside or moderate
environenclose; surround; N. environs: surrounding area (as of a city)
bureaucracyoverregulated administrative system marked by red tape; ADJ. bureaucratic
quizzicalcurious; suggesting puzzlement (without saying); questioning; teasing; mocking; bantering; Ex. quizzical glance