GRE Word List


humorous; mischievous; tricky

The meaning of the word waggish is humorous; mischievous; tricky.

Random words

tangentialonly slightly connected; not central; peripheral; digressing; showing divergence; CF. tangent
largessgenerous gift (given to people who do not have enough)
confidentialspoken or written in secret; trusted with private matters; Ex. confidential secretary
ruminatechew over and over (mentally or, like cows, physically); mull over(ponder)
annulmake void
nadirlowest point; point on the celestial sphere diametrically opposite the zenith
eccentricirregular; odd; unconventional; whimsical; bizarre; not concentric
assentagree; accept; N. assessment
vagabondwanderer (without a permanent home); tramp
diveststrip (as of clothes); deprive (as of rights); dispossess; N. divestiture(divestment)