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GRE Word List


odd in an old-fashioned way; odd; old-fashioned; picturesque

The meaning of the word quaint is odd in an old-fashioned way; odd; old-fashioned; picturesque.

Random words

intangiblenot able to be perceived by touch; vague
recessionwithdrawal; retreat; time of low economic activity
chameleonlizard that changes color in different situations
delineateportray; depict; sketch; describe; N. delineation
jumblemix in a confused way
superficialof the surface; not deep; shallow; not thorough; trivial; Ex. superficial analysis/knowledge
burlesquegive an imitation that ridicules; imitate mockingly
rational(of a person) having reason; (of ideas) based on reason; logical
jestplayful remark or act; V. act or speak playfully
verisimilitudeappearance of truth; quality of appearing to be true or real; likelihood; Ex. verisimilitude of her performance as Lady Macbeth