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GRE Word List


outcome; final result

The meaning of the word upshot is outcome; final result.

Random words

rotundacircular building or hall covered with a dome
titularof a title; in name only; nominal; having the title of an office without the obligations; Ex. titular head of the company
routput to rout; stampede; drive out; N: complete defeat and disorderly retreat
moltenmelted; Ex. molten lava
curatorsuperintendent; manager (in charge of a museum or a library)
sultry(of weather) hot; sweltering; sensual; voluptuous
loutclumsy person; ADJ. loutish; CF. from countrysides ?
elysianrelating to paradise; blissful
cognitivehaving to do with knowing or perceiving related to the mental processes; N. cognition: the mental process of knowing