GRE Word List


outcome; final result

The meaning of the word upshot is outcome; final result.

Random words

strutsupporting bar; CF. airplane wingΐΜ³ͺ building ΅ξΐ» support
linguisticpertaining to language
translucentpartly transparent
reclinelie down
dissuadepersuade not to do; discourage; N. dissuasion
browsegraze; feed on growing grass; skim or glance at casually
finessedelicate skill; V: handle with finesse
shiftchange position or place; exchange (one thing) for another; change in direction or position; Ex. shift the stolen goods; N. group of workers which takes turns with other groups; working period of such a group
weanaccustom a baby not to nurse; accustom (the young of a mammal) to take nourishment other than by suckling; give up a cherished activity; cause to gradually leave (an interest or habit); Ex. wean oneself from cigarettes
memorialsomething, such as a monument or holiday, intended to honor the memory of a person or event; ADJ: commemorative