GRE Word List


slight degree of color; V: give a tint to

Essential English Words with Meanin...
Essential English Words with Meaning and Sentences #3

The meaning of the word tint is slight degree of color; V: give a tint to.

Random words

ascriberefer; attribute; assign
feinttrick; shift; sham blow; feigned attack to draw away defensive action; V.
polemicalaggressive in verbal attack; disputatious (rather than simply expressing opinions)
amphibianable to live both on land and in water; N.
fitfulspasmodic; intermittent; irregular
disgruntlemake discontented
glimmershine erratically; twinkle; N: dim or unsteady light; faint indication; Ex. glimmer of hope
clipcut off with shears; fasten; N: something clipped off (as a short extract from film); clasp or fastener
tridentthree-pronged spear
chiplose a small piece from the surface or edge; N: small piece broken off something; CF. French fry; Potato chip/crisp