GRE Word List


having no give or slack : tightly drawn

The meaning of the word taut is having no give or slack : tightly drawn.

Random words

bereavedsuffering the death of a loved one
togathe loose outer garment worn in public by citizens of ancient Rome
relegateto send into exile : banish
alienateto cause to be estranged : to make unfriendly, hostile, or indifferent especially where attachment formerly existed
superciliouscoolly and patronizingly haughty
flusterto put into a state of agitated confusion : upset
suavitysmoothly though often superficially gracious and sophisticated
peripatetica follower of Aristotle or adherent of Aristotelianism
bivouaca usually temporary encampment under little or no shelter
straggleto wander from the direct course or way : rove