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GRE Word List


providing a general overview; summary; N. synopsis

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word synoptic is providing a general overview; summary; N. synopsis.

Random words

rostrumraised platform for speech-making; pulpit
tribuneofficial of ancient Rome elected by the plebians to protect their rights; protector of the people
integrityhonesty; uprightness; wholeness; state of being whole and undivided; completeness
sustainsuffer (harm or loss); experience; support; prop; maintain; keep in existence; nourish (to maintain life); Ex. sustain the family/the trapped miners
historicalconnected with history; based on events in history (whether regarded as important or not)
dyslexiaword blindness; learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to read
grillquestion severely; cook on a grill; broil; N: cooking surface of parallel metal bars
resilientelastic; having the power of springing back; able to recover quickly (as from misfortune)
tricksterperson who cheats people
ingratiatebecome popular with; bring (oneself) in favor of another; Ex. ingratiate himself with the boss