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GRE Word List


thwart; present an obstacle; stump

The meaning of the word stymie is thwart; present an obstacle; stump.

Random words

zenithpoint directly overhead in the sky; summit; acme; highest point
forwardpresumptuous or bold
hazyslightly obscure; misty; unclear; N. haze: light mist or smoke; confused state of mind
statelyformal; ceremonious; grand in style or size; majestic
prosaiclacking in imagination; dull and unimaginative; matter-of-fact(concerned with facts, not imagination or feelings); factual; CF. prose
scuttlesink (a ship) by cutting holes in the hull; scrap; discard; N: small hatch in a ship's deck or hull
mangyshabby; wretched; suffering from mange; of bad appearance
accruecome to one as a gain; accumulate over time; come about by addition; Ex. benefits that accrue from scientific research; Ex. interest accruing in a bank account; N. accrual
cogtooth projecting from a wheel