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GRE Word List


supporting bar; CF. airplane wing이나 building 등을 support

The meaning of the word strut is supporting bar; CF. airplane wing이나 building 등을 support.

Random words

cohesiontendency to keep together
anticlimaxletdown in thought or emotion; something unexciting, ordinary, or disappointing coming after something important or exciting
remorsedeep regret for wrongdoing; guilt; self-reproach
embarkcommence; go on board a boat; begin a journey
skulkmove furtively and secretly; Ex. He skulked through the less fashionable sections of the city.
communalheld in common; public; of a group of people; of a commune
boundleap or spring; limit or confine; constitute the limit of; Ex. bounded by Canada; N: leap or jumping; boundary; ADJ: certain; having a duty to do something (legally or morally); confined by bonds; Ex. We are bound to be late; Ex. I am bound to say my opinion; CF. bounce, rebound
delvedig; search deeply; investigate
accruecome to one as a gain; accumulate over time; come about by addition; Ex. benefits that accrue from scientific research; Ex. interest accruing in a bank account; N. accrual