GRE Word List


to spread by scattering

The meaning of the word strew is to spread by scattering.

Random words

savoryhaving savor: such as
bovineof, relating to, or resembling bovines and especially the ox or cow
cumbersomeunwieldy because of heaviness and bulk
docketa brief written summary of a document : abstract
idioman expression in the usage of a language that is peculiar to itself either in having a meaning that cannot be derived from the conjoined meanings of its elements (such as up in the air for "undecided") or in its grammatically atypical use of words (such as give way)
volubleeasily rolling or turning : rotating
nutritionthe act or process of nourishing or being nourished
punctiliousmarked by or concerned about precise accordance with the details of codes or conventions
decompositionto separate into constituent parts or elements or into simpler compounds
endorseto write on the back of