GRE Word List


half asleep; drowsy; N. somnolence

The meaning of the word somnolent is half asleep; drowsy; N. somnolence.

Random words

substantiatesupport (a claim) with evidence; establish with evidence; verify
infiltratepass into or through; penetrate or enter (an organization) sneakily; Ex. infiltrate the troops into enemy territory; CF. infiltrator
skirmishminor fight; minor battle in war; V.
seclusionisolation; solitude; V. seclude: set apart from others; isolate
zephyrgentle breeze; west wind
exculpateclear from blame or guilt
vertexsummit; highest point; PL. vertices
amazonfemale warrior
divineperceive intuitively (by or as if by magic); foresee the future; foretell; dowse; ADJ. N. divination