GRE Word List


to fly aloft or about

The meaning of the word soar is to fly aloft or about.

Random words

incidentan occurrence of an action or situation that is a separate unit of experience : happening
aestheticof, relating to, or dealing with aesthetics or the beautiful
naivetea naive remark or action
conformitycorrespondence in form, manner, or character : agreement
pestlea usually club-shaped implement for pounding or grinding substances in a mortar see mortar illustration
senilitythe quality or state of being senile : the physical and mental decline associated with old age
adaptto make fit (as for a new use) often by modification
archaichaving the characteristics of the language of the past and surviving chiefly in specialized uses
treasurewealth (such as money, jewels, or precious metals) stored up or hoarded
rostruman ancient Roman platform for public orators