GRE Word List


deserve; ADJ. meritorious: deserving reward or praise

The meaning of the word merit is deserve; ADJ. meritorious: deserving reward or praise.

Random words

titillatetickle; excite pleasantly; Ex. not to titillate the audience but to enlighten it
tundrarolling treeless plain in Siberia and arctic North America
compulsiveresulting from compulsion
covertsecret; hidden; implied; OP. overt
interbury; N. interment
berserkmad with violent anger; frenzied; madly excited
superannuatedretired or disqualified because of age; outmoded; obsolete
coronerpublic official who investigates any death thought to be of other than natural causes
elixircure-all; panacea; something invigorating
caliberability; quality; diameter of the inside of a round cylinder; Ex. work of very high caliber