GRE Word List


a place of deep mud or mire

The meaning of the word slough is a place of deep mud or mire.

Random words

beneficiarya person or thing that receives help or an advantage from something : one that benefits from something
turgidexcessively embellished in style or language : bombastic
laitythe people of a religious faith as distinguished from its clergy
assurancethe state of being assured: such as
gangrenelocal death of soft tissues due to loss of blood supply
renditionthe act or result of rendering something: such as
orgysecret ceremonial rites held in honor of an ancient Greek or Roman deity and usually characterized by ecstatic singing and dancing
lushgrowing vigorously especially with luxuriant foliage
atavismrecurrence in an organism of a trait or character typical of an ancestral form and usually due to genetic recombination
chancellorthe secretary of a nobleman, prince, or king