GRE Word List


suitable to the season or circumstances : timely

The meaning of the word seasonable is suitable to the season or circumstances : timely.

Random words

solsticeeither of the two points on the ecliptic at which its distance from the celestial equator is greatest and which is reached by the sun each year about June 21 and December 21
rolling(of land) rising and falling in long gentle slopes; happening continuously by stages; Ex. rolling devolution of power to local governments
equivocateto use equivocal language especially with intent to deceive
accoutreto provide with equipment or furnishings : outfit
robusthaving or exhibiting strength or vigorous health
precursorone that precedes and indicates the approach of another
parleyto speak with another : confer
functionalof, connected with, or being a function
shearto cut off the hair from